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Little Lupe Blowjobs

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

It had been a while since Little Lupe added some good hardcore girl/guy videos and pictures to her members section. So today she graced us with a number of videos of her sucking a few of her lucky friends cocks. Little Lupe is all about pleasing her members, and she even takes personal requests! In this specific update Lupe was hornier than ever and needed to cure her sexual urges. Since her parents were home, she told her camera man to meet her at a local park which has a couple of secluded areas. Upon arriving, Lupe’s camera man was pleasantly surprised to find her hiding behind a tree, playing with her tiny teen pussy. Little Lupe immediately greeted him and pulled out his already throbbing cock. Thrusting it into her mouth, Lupe took it deep into her throat. Within minutes she was swallowing his load, and licking ever last trip off of his cock. Definitely one of the best blowjobs I have seen within the Little Lupe members area lately. Then it was time for Lupe’s turn, she lifted her skirt and hopped onto his dick. For as tiny as Little Lupe is, she sure has a huge sex drive. To say the least, the lucky fucker busted 3 times before Lupe was done with him. Check out the trial picture gallery below, or get inside now for the uncensored video and access to everything else Lupe has to offer! Take Little Lupe’s Tour

Little Lupe Blowjobs
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Little Lupe BJ Videos

Monday, August 20th, 2007

If there was a dick sucking award, Little Lupe would definitely be the winner of that trophy! We caught Lupe dancing around and showing her cute little perky tits for one of her friends, And he looked eager to get her completely naked and fuck her brains out. Little did he know, Lupe did not want to fuck today, She just wanted to please him. WOW! Little Lupe is the greatest teen ever, Especially when she doesn’t want to get herself off, She only wants to make you cum. The best part about this video update is that Little Lupe decided that she didn’t want her friends cum all over her bed or floor so she opened wide and let him bust his load all in her mouth. She took it all and swallowed every bit of his cum and did it with a smile on her face. You can find more Little Lupe BJ Videos like this in Lupe’s member’s area, So don’t forget to check them out!

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Little Lupe Gets Railed

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

It had been a few days since Little Lupe got a good pounding. Fortunately today she found a member of hers who was more than willing to fill Lupe with cock. This update to features the best of both worlds – Hardcore pictures AND videos! Lupe called Ivan up during her lunch break at school and let him know she wanted to get fucked. Lupe knew her parents wouldn’t be home, She the little slut told Ivan just to walk in and she would meet him in her room. Just as Little Lupe told him, He was there when she arrived home. She tossed off her backpack and went straight for the cock. As Lupe grabbed his gaping mound from within his pants, Her little pussy began to tingle and immediately became soaking wet. Lupe thrust his cock into her mouth and took it deep into her throat. Within minutes Little Lupe was bending over her bed, Waiting for Ivan to put his man meat into her dripping teen pussy. To find out what happens next check out the teaser videos and pictures below of Little Lupe’s latest hardcore update. Or get inside for the full UNCENSORED videos and pics!

Little Lupe Getting Fucked
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Little Lupe Blowjob

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Once again Carlos was the lucky fucker to plug Little Lupe ‘s tiny teen twat. I think some more of us need to convince Lupe to have us over for her next shoot, Or even a courtesy blowjob! I know for one i’d love to part her little legs and punish Lupe’s pussy for days. Anyway in today’s update Little Lupe decides she wanted to fuck Carlos again. Something about his massive cock in her tiny little pussy really gets her excited. Little Lupe is wearing a cute little schoolgirls dress, And wastes no time getting down to business. Watch her little lips swallow Carlos’ large cock, Sucking him off until he came in her mouth. Definitely the best blowjob I have seen yet. Then it was time for Round 2! Little Lupe didn’t even give Carlos a break before thrusting his still throbbing cock into her little teen pussy. Watch her ride like a good little slut in the Little Lupe Members Section!

Little Lupe Blowjob Little Lupe Blowjobs
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Little Lupe Videos #4

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Today Little Lupe ‘s teacher called her out of class, And told her she had an urgent issue at home. Lupe jumped in her car and rushed home to see what was going on. When she arrived home Carlos was there, He said he needed some pussy, And would be more than thrilled if Little Lupe would give him some! So being the good little slut that she is, Lupe led Carlos into her bedroom, And laid him down on her bed. She wasted no time at all as she pulls out his throbbing cock and starts sucking on it. In the Little Lupe Videos below you can see the intro to the best blow job & fuck that I have seen on yet! Cum inside her site now for TONS of videos featuring Little Lupe doing everything you could imagine. She updates her site DAILY, So every day when you arrive home there will be fresh Little Lupe videos waiting for you :)

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Little Lupe Gets Fucked

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Little Lupe has updated with another hardcore video today! Looks like Ivan (The fan from the last update) decided to stay in town for a bit longer so he could have the opportunity to fuck Lupe ‘s little pussy again. I must say he handled himself better this time, Lupe can take all you give her and she was craving more. In this video Little Lupe pulls out Ivan’s cock and gives him a good long blowjob before laying him down on the floor and riding his cock for an hour. That’s right, AN HOUR! For as small as she is, Lupe sure can take some monster cocks like a champion. Click the image below for some teaser videos and pictures from this update, Or stop wasting time and get inside now for the full collection!

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Little Lupe Doggystyle

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Little Lupe admits that her favorite position to get fucked in is doggystyle. Lupe loves having an older man behind her, Pulling her hair while he thrusts his cock inside of her little pussy. In her most recent update Little Lupe is seen fucking one of her fans, Ivan. Just looking at lupe’s tight little frame made Ivan almost cum before anything started. She wastes no time in unzipping his pants, And takes his throbbing cocking into her mouth. For a girl her size, Lupe sure can swallow a cock like a champ. She then let’s Ivan bend her over for some doggystyle action. Get inside now and see Little Lupe take a load in her little latin mouth.

Little Lupe Doggystyle
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Teen Little Lupe Hardcore

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Little Lupe is quickly becoming the web’s favorite teen slut. She looks like such an innocent little thing, But this is far from the true reality. Whenever she crosses paths with a hot girl or boy, She can’t resist offering her “services” to them. In her most recent photoshoot, Lupe can be seen fucking her camera man Carlos. The two have worked together on previous occasions, But never both part of the same set. Being the horny little slut she is, Little Lupe approached Carlos and asked of he’d like to fuck her tight little pussy for her next update. Of course he took Lupe up on her offer, And helped to create some of the best hardcore content yet on Little Lupe is seen wearing a little red school girl outfit, And wastes no time as she is seen pulling out his throbbing cock and sticking it into every tight little hole on her body. Visit Little Lupe’s hardcore site now to see her latest gallery. There will be many more to cum, As she updates her site DAILY!

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Little Lupe Video

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

As i’ve mentioned in my previous posts, Little Lupe has a dream of becoming the top teen slut online. She is definitely on the road to success, As this little slut updates her site DAILY with tons of new hardcore content. I’ve never encountered a solo girl online before who was so adamant about keeping each of her members 100% satisfied. I mean, This little slut will stop at NOTHING to please YOU! It’s highly doubtful you wouldn’t be satisfied with the large amount of hardcore content that Little Lupe already has on her site, But if you aren’t you can email Lupe personally and make a request! I’ve included a short clip (It’s all they will allow me to show you) below of the hot little latin slut featured on

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Little Lupe Videos

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

The best thing about Little Lupe is that she truly enjoys pleasing each and every one of her members. So much, That Lupe even takes email requests from her members. On top of that, Little Lupe adds fresh new content every day! My favorite section of Lupe’s site is her growing collection of videos. Little Lupe can be seen eating her girlfriends pussy, Swallowing cocks half the size of her, Riding dicks like the naughty little schoolgirl she is. I’ve managed to get a little teaser uploaded for you guys, Unfortunately I can’t show her whole video because they say you must first verify your age. Anyway, This is a very brief intro to some of the things you will see on This little latin bitch is so hot, You gotta see Lupe in action!

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